QlikView in Cloud - V-GRADE QlikView platform  

V-GRADE QlikView Cloud Platform (PaaS)

V-Grade Cloud Tech are pleased to offer clients options for delivering Qlik Analytics Platform in Russia. Our goal is to support your delivery requirements both now and in the future. Offering QlikView via Platform as a Service means you can focus on your core business and let the experts look after your instance of QlikView.

We offer two options of delivering your Qlik platform Cloud requirements:

  • QlikView in the cloud or Platform as a Service (PaaS) We deliver this via a private cloud such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure and you own the software and pay for monthly cloud hosting charge and a service charge from us. In return we look after your Qlik in the cloud cloud server and Qlik software applications.
  • QlikView On Premise managed-platform. You own the software and the technology. On premise managed-platform can be managed onsite, offsite or offshore as part of a managed service.

Organizations adopting Qlik must decide on operational models to support the platform and are faced with multiple options. V-Grade Cloud Tech can help you with Hosting, Administration, and Application Support. We have Qlik expertise and will deliver the best possible service for the right price, while reducing your operational risk.


  • Your Qlik platform hosted on the V-GRADE Private Cloud
  • Eliminate internal operational challenges and leverage our experience and excellence in managing Qlik
  • Multiple platform options sized for your needs
  • Supports connections to multiple data sources
  • V-GRADE performs 24x7 monitoring for performance, availability, and data reloads
  • Support for secondary tiers and other platforms (TEST/DEV/Nprinting/Publisher/Wherescape)
  • Connectivity to your sign on solution (Active Directory/Ping/Okta/ADSF/SAML2.0)
  • Daily environmental backups

Application Support

  • Ongoing access to Qlik development resources to provide application support
  • Get coverage for troubleshooting, data problems and investigation, functionality questions, and application enhancements.
  • Support can also cover Nprinting, QlikMaps and other supporting tools.
  • Requests for service initiated by Service Request ticket.
  • Access to a named resource who understands your use case

Please, find our QlikView Cloud Platform sizing and calculator here (russian only): http://qlikview.v-grade.ru/calculator/qlikview_cloud_hosting.html#required_power


V-Grade Cloud Tech - operating in the Russia, has a registered legal entity (LLC), using their own equipment, hosted in data centers in Russia, carries out charging in Russian rubles without being tied to the US dollar, is a partner of the leading developers software manufacturers and server and network hardware: Microsoft Partner (OLP, OV, OVS, SPLA), HP preffered Partner, IBM Partner, VMware Enterprise Partner (Solution Provider, VSPP, vExpert onboard), Veeam Silver Partner, Cisco Select Partner.


Our contact information: http://qlikview.v-grade.ru, qlik@v-grade.ru, +7 (495) 201-QLIK (7545) or use live chat.


Калькулятор облачного хостинга QlikView SaaS/PaaS (по требуемым мощностям)
Калькулятор облачного хостинга QlikView SaaS/PaaS(по объему анализируемых данных)
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